7 scenic beach bars to hang out at Sentosa

Sentosa’s beach bar culture isn’t anything new. Whether you’re more into stoically nursing your hangover with high-end brunch fare or ready to party by the pool all day while nibbling on barbecue, the beach bar options have never been more varied.

Bikini Bar

If you like live music, ice-cold beers and a seriously chilled out vibe, Bikini Bar is where it’s at. They’re Singapore’s first and only Bintang bar, but it’s the $38 jugs of Heineken draughts you should look out for (that, or the $36 jugs of house pours). The bar bites are relatively simple with spicy wings, calamari rings, satay and pork belly (and tacos!)—but then again you don’t need much for a good day out on the sand. #01-01 50 Siloso Beach Walk, 6631-8938


, 7 scenic beach bars to hang out at Sentosa

With deck chairs and daybeds right on the sand, Coastes is a casual, affordable option for when you can’t be bothered with the glitz and glam of FOC or TBC—though it’s the nicest of the C Side triumvirate. The pizzas, pastas, burgers and summery cocktails do the trick, for something heartier, there’s breakfast plates, ribs and seafood too. #01-05 50 Siloso Beach Walk, [email protected].

FOC Sentosa

, 7 scenic beach bars to hang out at Sentosa

Nandu Jubany’s FOC branches out to the sunny shores of Sentosa with a second outlet that boasts a restaurant and bar-lounge (with a pool to boot) inspired by the beach culture of Barcelona. The wide-ranging sharing menu has a good mix of cold and hot tapas, as well as some grilled items and Spanish rice. The original cocktails are intriguing too, like the Ibiza Martini with passionfruit and ginger. 110 Tanjong Beach Walk, 6100-1102.


, 7 scenic beach bars to hang out at Sentosa

With a nice big pool, room for beach volleyball and a ’50s Americana vibe going on, Mambo is a great little spot on a relatively empty stretch of Siloso Beach, also home to the Vinyl House Masters disco party series. The food and drink menu ticks all the beach bash boxes: truffle fries, nachos, Sex on the Beach, Daiquiris, sandwiches, ribs and fish platters. 40 Siloso Beach Walk, 6276-6270.

Ola Beach Club

Stylish Hawaiian-themed (and owned) Ola has a twin focus on good food and drink as well as exciting water sports. There’s a beachside lounge with daybeds and a pool downstairs, and upstairs is a nautical-themed restaurant with a Hawaiian-leaning dishes like the Lomi Lomi Salmon and the tuna poke bowl ($20), The tiki-leaning bar is run by Alex Ng, who cut his teeth at Loof, Bar Stories and most recently Tess Bar & Kitchen. 46 Siloso Beach Walk, 6250-6978.

Sand Bar

This beach bar located at the end of the Siloso strip doesn’t quite the love it deserves. Promising live music right on the beach, Sand Bar comes complete with an intimate stage set-up facing the salty surf; plus intriguing bamboo structures that make for fun decor. Relax the night away with an ice-cold beer or cocktail in hand; if you’re feeling peckish, the bar serves up grilled bites fresh from beach rotisserie Flame next door. 52 Siloso Beach Walk, 6631-8938

Tanjong Beach Club

, 7 scenic beach bars to hang out at Sentosa

Sentosa’s sexiest beach club has got the full package: beautiful people, a plunge pool, an airy indoor dining room, cabanas by the sand, beer pong tables, a bumping party calendar and, as of late 2016, a refreshed menu with some high-end fare like the barbecued octopus salad with quinoa and spinach and the chorizo orecchiette pasta. The summer cocktail list has plenty of originality, in the form of the Resting Peach Face and the tequila-based In Love with the Coco. 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 6270 1355.