This stay-home private dining series pairs local cuisine with fine wine

Fancy having your beef hor fun paired with a glass of Shiraz? Whether you’re brimming with anticipation at the prospect, or unsure if such a pairing even works, this upcoming private dining series is the perfect opportunity to find out.

Originally conceived as a physical event held in a charming colonial home at 103 McNair Road, they’ve since turned the event into a take-home one given the current pandemic. But that doesn’t mean the event is any less enticing.

Over five Saturdays from April 4-May 2, expect five different local private chefs to be offering up course menus featuring elevated versions of dishes like satay, babi assam, ngoh hiang and more, that are all meant to be paired with wine.

It’s being organised by local private home dining platform Dine Inn and acclaimed wine label Wolf Blass, who have partnered up to present the month-long dining experience that seeks to challenge wine pairing conventions by having local homemade cuisine paired with wines. It’s meant to showcase how wines can be best paired with Asian dishes according to the sauces rather than the protein used (beef = red wine etc.).

, This stay-home private dining series pairs local cuisine with fine wine

Each wine-pairing meal delivered to your home (by 7.30pm on your chosen Saturday) includes the full course (that ranges from local fusion to contemporary Peranakan menus), four bottles of wine (per pair of diners), free delivery, two large wine glasses, disposable cutlery, and even placemats and floral arrangements, so that it feels like a real event, held in the comfort of your own home.

There’ll even be a virtual component to this. A WhatsApp group chat will be set up with representatives from the organisers in it, and you’re encouraged to share your home-dining set-up as a well as ask questions about the pairings. Feel free to get social with the hashtags #WolfblassFYF and #FindYourFlavour as well.

There’s no reason to miss out on life’s finer pleasures even as you’re stuck at home.

The private wine pairing dinner ($100 per person) is held over five Saturdays from April 4-May 2. Details here.