Bon Vivant

What is a traveling gourmet? Isn’t it just another way to describe a greedy traveler?
I travel the world to look for good food and wine, and write articles for various magazines. There’s a misconception about the difference between a gourmet and a gourmand. A gourmet appreciates and savors fine food and wine, not necessarily in huge amounts, but a gourmand is a glutton!
So how do you get people to pay you to travel and eat?
Luckily, I am quite well known today. Many governments and even top five-star hotels invite and sponsor me.
What qualifies you to distinguish good food from bad?
I believe one must be true to one’s taste buds, and I am a trained chef as well. I have had special training by top chefs and masters, and at CIA.
Are you a special agent or something?
CIA is the Culinary Institute of America.
What is one unique dish you remember?
Well, there is the witchetty grub from Australia. It is like a fat worm about the size of your finger, eaten raw or soaked in garlic. You bite the head off then eat the rest of the body. The texture is like cream cheese, and it tastes quite bland.
Ever had to eat something you strongly object to, like an endangered animal?
I try not to eat endangered animals. I won’t order them.
What’s the worst food you’ve tried?
The worst food I had was when I was at this restaurant in Singapore that claimed to serve French food, but it was nothing like that. And my friends and relatives had food poisoning after dining there.
Do you take up health insurance as a precaution against food poisoning?
No, I just have normal insurance. Maybe I should look into that.
How does turning vegetarian appeal to you?
It’s not very appealing to me, because I like all types of food and, as a traveling gourmet, if I was to be completely vegetarian, it would be very difficult.
What do you do about your calorie intake and your figure?
I exercise a lot. I do brisk walking, jogging, swimming and ballet. As you can see, I am not that bad, thank you.