Fitness Myths Busted

With New Year resolutions to lose weight and be healthier in the air, I-S gets to the bottom of common fitness myths.

Week of January 6, 2006

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) Stage magician David Copperfield made an intriguing announcement recently. He told the German magazine Galore that in his next show, he will use magic to make a woman pregnant – without touching her. That’s similar to the kind of mojo you will possess in 2006, Capricorn. It’s true that your success […]

Ministry of Sound

It’s the new year, and we need a spanking new venue to party in. The much anticipated Ministry of Sound (MOS), comprising five different dance rooms spanning 40,000 sq. ft. of space, has already made the cut as one of the best clubbing venues here. Over 40,000 revelers have visited the club since it opened […]

Top of the M

We were definitely impressed with the views from the windows of this revolving restaurant when we arrived for dinner. The interior was dark and candlelit, making the lights over the city seem even more spectacular. With all tables located next to the windows, we were guaranteed a great view from any seat in the house. […]