Mystery Package

Chocolates are a gal’s second best friend. And like a good man, a good chocolate used to be hard to find. So thank goodness there’s now a slew of places selling decent handmade chocolates to choose from (we even have two places calling themselves chocolate factories!). We picked out four of the best, but rather than just describing them using the usual adjectives, we went a step further.
The Smooth Operator
This Chocolat Factory’s chocolates, like any sweet-talker you’d find in a bar or a club: They have a boyish charm to them—their shapes evoke childhood memories of naughty indulgence. But like any guy on the prowl, they’re lacking a little substance beyond the initial sugariness and don’t have much refinement or complexity. Good for a bit of fun or just to binge every now and then, but probably not one that you’d marry.
The Holiday Fling
Canele’s chocolates are perfect for those who like to experiment. What you see looks enticing but may not be what you expect, which can be a little titillating. Flavors like lemon tart and green tea make them unpredictable—you never quite know how they’re going to be—but like a holiday fling, they’re always worth pursuing and will leave a fond memory, even if the experience is somewhat surprising. We like that they’re creative, even if we might not always agree.
The Family Guy
After several years on our shores, Isreali chain Max Brenner has shown that it’s a stayer. This is a chocolate you can count on time and again. Like Mr Reliable, you know what you’re going to get and you’ll never be disappointed. Through good times and bad, and all the different flavors, these are consistently good chocolates—and we really can’t ask for more than that.
Mr Perfect
Smooth, classy and always well-heeled, these chocolates are like every girl’s fantasy dreamboat. Classic and consistent, these sophisticated chocolates can be relied upon to impress your parents (or your boss) and will have all the other gals green with envy. The creaminess of these quite traditional-tasting pralines makes The Chocolate Factory’s chocolates a winner. Chocolatier Laurent Bernard must be the most sought-after man in Singapore.

Address Book
Canele, #01-08 Unity St., Robertston Walk, 6738-8145; The Esprit Cafe by Canele, #03-100 Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Rd., 6733-7898.
Chocolat Factory, Spain2Dream, #01-18 Vivo City 1 Harbourfront Walk, 6376-9108.
The Chocolate Factory, #01-11 The Pier @ Robertson, 80 Mohamed Sultan Rd., 6235-9007.
Max Brenner, #01-06/08 Esplanade Mall, 8 Raffles Ave., 6235-9556.