One Night in Bangkok

Getting Thai food in Singapore is pretty easy. Getting good Thai ingredients to make your own Thai food is slightly trickier. For the real stuff you need to head to Golden Mile Complex (5001 Beach Rd.), the authentic if, ahem, slightly dodgy Thai quarter of Singapore, best known as the place to catch a bus to Malaysia. We braved the corridors of Golden Mile and found these delicious food items lurking. All produce is available at the Thai supermarket on #02-64, Golden Mile Complex.
, One Night in Bangkok1. This ground dry shrimp and chili is suitable for almost anything. It can be added to soup, rice and noodles. being very spicy, it acts like good black pepper. $3.
2. These magic puffball mushrooms might not give you a high, but they’re the ideal ingredient for soups or for serving as an entree. $6.50.
3. Spice up your life with this Tom Yum hot and sour paste. small or large bottles, $2.50 and $5.90 respectively.
4. A sweet, spicy dip that is great for fried or steamed dishes, especially chicken. The supermarket sells the dip in bulk to restaurants, a testament to its quality. $2.50.
5. Buah salak, is like the mutant fruit—best described as a cross between a banana and a rambutan. A palm fruit, its flesh is light and juicy and tastes sweet and sour. $5.50 per kilogram.
6. Make your thai meal extra hot, hot, hot with hot basil used in curries and spicy dishes. it’s known to have medicinal value and is pretty as a garnish. $0.60 per bunch.
7. Add some sweetness to your tahi tang with this sweet basil. $0.60 per bunch.
, One Night in Bangkok8. Jump into an instant source of protein with these hoppers and crawlers. like beer nuts, they’re ready to be washed down with a cold Thai beer. $2 per packet.
9. You might thing we’re hopping mad, but these Dried frogs are meant to be Fried or thrown on the barbecue for a crispy finish. $1.80 small, $2 big.
10. Crack open a pack of crispy fried shrimps, the literal Prawn cracker. $5 per packet.
11. For a more portable version of the pungent king of fruit, try this Freeze-dried Tasty top crispy durian. Each pack contains a whole durian. $9.80.
12. If this all sounds too weird and wonderful, Wash it down with this array of brewed-in-Thailand thirst quenchers. Prices for coolers and beers range from $2.90 to $5 per bottle.
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