DanceSport’s Melvin Tan and Sharon Tan

Melvin Tan and Sharon Tan (no relation) have been dance partners for close to six years now, and participate in DanceSport, which is competitive ballroom and Latin dancing. I-S talks to these athletes about their partnership and what it’s like to move in time.

Sicilia Mia

This humble, open-air cafe, which debuted about a month ago, boasts mainly Italian fare. Tucked away with other small eateries in the boisterous Lau Pa Sat food court, Sicilia Mia can easily be missed if you don’t keep a look out for it. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the décor is simple—tables and […]

Borgo Italian Restaurant

The latest small restaurant to hit the Sixth Avenue area is Borgo, headed up by Chef Mimmo previously of La Braceria. Borgo is serving what is increasingly becoming a growing trend here—good old fashioned rustic Italian cooking. The restaurant is plain in its appearance with empty walls and high ceilings emphasizing the large window at […]

Sapporo Ramen Miharu

Sometimes the best places to eat in a city are the modest holes in the walls. Situated round the side of Gallery Hotel, this well known, small ramen restaurant does only one thing, but does it really well. Seven ramen dishes practically comprise the entire menu. The interior is a cramped air-conditioned space, while the […]

Spaced Out

Artists get creative and showcase forward-thinking works at these alternative art spots.

Still Standing

We look at the more progressive galleries in our burgeoning contemporary arts scene.

Bold New World

Young multimedia artists are breaking new ground with their traveling, cutting-edge artworks.

Pit Stop – Thai Cuisine

There are several eateries in Golden Mile that serve some of the most genuine Thai food in Singapore. The signs are in Thai, the vendors are Thai and everything smells of fish sauce!

The Next Wave: Blu-Ray

Technology trends move so fast that one is barely begun before the next one encroaches. Even though hi-def is fairly new in the market, it is already primed to go to the next level—and the technology that will take it there is Blu-ray.So, what is Blu-ray anyway? The name is derived from the blue-violet laser […]