Pit Stop – Thai Cuisine

Sweet Thai Café, #1154, 15-03 (odd unit number, but it’s what the owner gave us)
If you don’t mind the squeeze, then squish into one of the three tables at this joint—each of which seats four. The Singaporeans, Thais and Malaysians who frequent the cafe order an assortment of house favorites, including green papaya salad ($8), Thai beef salad ($8) and seafood soup ($5). Open daily 9am-8pm.
Nong Khai Beer House, #01-73
Donsuda Inmeeyuen is heralded as the best papaya salad maker in the vicinity. The cozy outlet can accommodate 30 people and serves mainly Thais and some locals. Signature dishes include grilled chicken ($5/$10) and grilled fish ($8). Open daily 11am-10pm.
Sin Lai Lai Snack House, #01-29/29/30/31
This eatery specializes in Chinese and Thai cuisine and serves a lot of locals. Dishes come in three sizes and cost from $4 to $12, and include Nham fried rice, Singapore fried bee hoon, Thai fried omelette and Hong Kong rice, to name a few. If you’re trying Thai food for the first time and are not sure if you will take to it, this is a safe bet, with familiar local dishes to retreat to. Open daily 9:30am-10pm.
Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, #01-67/68/69
With a seating capacity of 120, this is easily the largest restaurant in the complex. People from the cross-country buses that stop at Golden Mile, locals and Thais haunt the place everyday. With dishes like fried chicken in red wine sauce ($7), deep fried frog legs salad ($10), and Thai seafood otak on hot plate ($8) hailing from Northern and Central Thailand, this restaurant makes a great pit stop. Open daily 8am-10pm.