Cassis: The lost art of flambéing

There aren’t many places that flambé these days, which is a shame, because the thrill of setting food ablaze never really gets old. We pretend to like it ironically—who doesn’t love a little 1970s kitsch—but the appeal’s actually more primal that that. Cooking food over an open flame just brings out our caveman instincts.

Till recently through, the only joint we could count on for flambé was old school Russian establishment Shashlik. But now we’ve also got new Clarke Quay restaurant, bar and lounge Cassis for our fix.

The purple-hued nightlife spot puts out a good range of fire-enhanced specialties. Shallot tarte tatin ($18)? Lit up with amaretto ($4 supplement). Foie gras ($29)? Scorched with Martell Cordon Bleu ($9 supplement). Braised oxtail ($36)? Set ablaze with Johnnie Walker Blue Label ($9 supplement). And rack of lamb ($45)? Fired up with Macallan Sherry Oak ($9 supplement).

In short, they’ve got everything needed to satisfy our not-so-hidden pyromaniac tendencies. Couple that with their fab ladies night deal on Wednesdays (ladies get four free tipples before 1am) and you’ve got a great venue for a girls’ night out.