I-S Xperience Table Manners: Better than Beeton

Table etiquette sounds like a stuffy topic for an I-S Xperience but the table setting workshop taught by F&B Director of the Mount Faber Leisure Group Adrian Wong (held at The Jewel Box) was anything but. Banish thoughts of a Downton Abbey-like army of servants putting together an elaborate display for a 14-course meal. The […]

Cassis: The lost art of flambéing

There aren’t many places that flambé these days, which is a shame, because the thrill of setting food ablaze never really gets old. We pretend to like it ironically—who doesn’t love a little 1970s kitsch—but the appeal’s actually more primal that that. Cooking food over an open flame just brings out our caveman instincts. Till […]