Liberty Coffee: The art of playing hard to get

You always want what you can’t have. It’s basic human nature. And wholesale roaster, Liberty Coffee‘s way of only opening sporadically, well, that left us with a real hankering to pay them a visit. So on Friday, when we got wind (from their Facebook page) that they were open, we headed down immediately. We love a good cuppa, but have rarely been so excited to make a coffee run.

Liberty doesn’t keep regular hours to be coy. It’s just primarily a roaster and not a retailer. In any case, the place didn’t disappoint. The narrow space was packed full of caffeine-hungry individuals like ourselves when we got there. We ordered up a long black ($4.50) and the Gibraltar ($4.50), and paired the brews with their delish homemade cakes: lemon poppy ($5.50), pandan gula melaka ($5.50; our fave) and lychee blackberry ($6.50).

On our way out, we spotted Jewel Cafe + Bar (129 Rangoon Rd.), the second and larger branch of Jewel Coffee set to open in mid-March. We got a sneak peek with owner Adrian Khong at this two-floor eatery, which will serve a more comprehensive food and drinks menu (white peach sangria anyone?). It’s already looking awesome, outfitted with cool metallic ceiling fixtures. There’ll also be an outdoor bar area with old-school vintage-looking stools from Vietnam.