3 places for new takes on the classic G&T in Singapore

The classic G&T, it turns out, is still fashionable. Here are three bars where you can get variations of the simple cocktail.

The Rabbit Hole

Dempsey’s pretty restaurant, The White Rabbit, has just unveiled the new concept of its alfresco bar. It now boasts a herb garden for the 18 different types of gin and tonics available. Each gin is paired with garnishes that complement the gin’s botanicals, like the G’Vine Floraison, which gets an orange basket of aromatic dried chamomile flowers ($16).


This well-loved hotel bar recently redid its cocktail menu, though it still specializes in homemade tonics infused with all sorts of ingredients. Here, each G&T has a number: #2 ($23) is refreshing with a slight wash of bitter from gentian root but is rounded off with lemongrass, ginger and fresh parsley. Meanwhile #5 ($23) takes on an earthy note with grapefruit peel and rosemary.

Club 39

The new Italian small plates restaurant and bar serves goblets of G&Ts. On the menu are creations like Tanq Ten Tonic ($25) with your choice of gin and East Imperial Burma tonic, strained into the glass using a spiral barspoon, which allows the ingredients to properly mix without shaking or stirring.