Wake up and smell the cold coffee

You gotta admit, we Singaporeans love our coffee. Be it a classic latte or kopi siew dai, we probably wouldn't be able to get through the day without our daily dose of caffeine. It's no wonder cold brews are such a hit in Singapore, with their richer and more intense flavours, and more importantly, being chilled so it keeps us chill in this sweltering weather. Here, we list some of the best places to get a cold one.

Boyle’s Coffee

Tucked away in a cosy shop outside Bukit Timah Plaza, Boyle’s Coffee claims to be the world’s first cold brew coffee bar. Seems legit? Come by and give it a whirl. Boyle’s Coffee does it the Dutch way—which may commonly be confused with the normal method of making cold brew coffee. Dutch coffee uses the drip method only, simply dropping cold water over ground coffee. They serve a wide array of iced and hot coffees such as Dutch Vanilla Latte, Nitro Caramel Latte, and the Dutch Americano. The actual Dutch coffee concentrate is also sold here, so if you have a coffee maker at home, bring some home to explore this cold brew wonderland. The coffee is sweet and bright when served chilled, but has a deep aroma and a smooth texture when served hot.

Boyle’s Coffee will soon open its second outlet at Suntec City Mall come Sep 8, 2021. 

Brawn & Brains

Since their expansion to a bigger space on Guillemard Road, east side favourite Brawn & Brains has only gotten better. Their own house blend cold brews are delicious as always, dishing out bold notes of chocolate and nuts. Have it with a good selection of pastries and brunch items to complete your coffee run here. Want something even more refreshing? Have their Coffee Beer made in collaboration with Singapore's own Rye & Pint.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

This chic industrial-looking cafe in a former hardware store needs no introduction; they sell gourmet coffee, as well as other gadgets and gifts. Their classic black cold brew is made from Ethiopian beans from the Suke Quto farm, which gives off citrus and floral notes. The white version is creamier, and has a rich hazelnut and dark chocolate taste. Also give their nitro cold brew a try—it's creamy and has a malty flavour. A cool place to hang out with your friends if you’re tired of the buzzing city or typical cafes.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

No stranger to the Singapore coffee scene, Common Man Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster, wholesaler, cafe and academy all wrapped into one. Their cold brews are roasted in-house, but do note that they only serve the black version. Their nitro cold brew is freshly brewed at least twice a week with their favourite single-origin coffees, which gives it a silky smooth coffee texture.

Curious Palette

This cafe from the same guys behind Stangers' Reunion has a few cold brews. Their White Magic is ever-popular, thanks to it offering plenty of flavour while being light drinking, making it a good post-meal choice. Or try their newer—and our favourite—Oatgasm, for a vegan-friendly version of their signature white brew. Nutty and oozing decadence, this is a truly refreshing cold brew that is smooth and fragrant in more ways than one. 

Dapper Coffee

Hidden on the second floor of a shophouse along Amoy street, Dapper Coffee not only sells cold brew coffee, but also plenty of tantalizing baked goods. Truth be told, they've caught our eye with their signature sparkling drinks. Yes, it’s as gimmicky as it sounds—shimmering gold dust infused into their usual cold brew to make Gold Brew, priced at a whopping $10 per bottle. But we guess it does make for a good party drink; you can order them by the pack online here, too. The coffee, made from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans, is still strong yet light with the right amount of acidity. And if you prefer it the classic way, fret not because you can also get Dapper Coffee’s Cold Fashioned (an apt name) at a more reasonable price of $8.

Enchanted Cafe 

Previously notable mainly for its mystical theme and quintessential brunch eats, Enchanted Cafe along Rangoon Road has now gained traction for its cold brew beverages too. Apart from the usual White, Black and Mocha flavours, the diner also offers the Matcha Latte, Rose Chocolate and Bandung. Plus, if you’re still working from home and desperately need the additional pick-me-up, get the entire slew of brews delivered to your doorstep by ordering via the cafe’s website. 

Geylang Drip City

With a name like that, you know this cafe’s got (coffee) game. And its line-up of delicious cold brews won’t disappoint, as drinks like Weezy, Drizzy and Oatkast will delight you. The Oatkast is pretty much self-explanatory; while Weezy is a dark yet flavourful blend and Drizzy is a light, creamy dream. We’d recommend heading down to check out the uber cool joint, and if you get addicted, you can always get their brews delivered to you. 

Kafe Utu

Known for its African theme and unconventional mains, Kafe Utu serves some of the best cold brews around Jiak Chuan Road. Find the Utu Ink, a bottled black brew that comes with a slice of lemon to enhance the acidic flavours in the coffee; as well as Uchawi, the bottled white brew that’s insanely creamy thanks to the addition of heavy cream and fresh milk. And don’t forget to give their Ibada “Ritual” a try while you’re there too. It’s a strong and bold quad ristretto shot over chilled Hokkaido milk. 

Lunar Coffee Brewers

This CBD cafe is so aesthetic you'll be tempted to dine-in even though you initially only came to get a cold brew to-go. Go black or white with their Cosmos and Milky Way cold brews. The former is balanced with plenty of kick, while the latter is creamy and silky—both are out of this world. If you prefer eating your coffees, try their soft serve version of the Milky Way. Better yet, have both together for a cosmic explosion in your mouth sure to perk you up.

Old Hen Coffee

This classic coffee bar is most famous for its creamy white cold brew coffee which strikes a delicious balance between bitter and sweet. Besides their black cold brew, they also have other interesting flavors such as Mocha, Dark Cocoa and Matcha, so try this if you’re looking to expand your cold brew coffee horizons. Oh, their cold brews are uniquely packaged in a beer bottle too, which should put you in a fun mood.

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

Another cafe that takes its coffee very seriously is The Populus Coffee & Food Co. at Neil Road, that offers one special cold brew beverage for those who like their coffee steeped and chilled. Populus’ White Cold Brew Coffee is bound to satisfy all caffeine addicts with its bold coffee notes, but if you want more, the cafe serves cold brew iced teas and plenty of other espresso-based beverages too. 

Smoke Signature

One might not expect good coffee at Smoke Signature, but the first lifestyle concept store by local furniture label Smoke houses an industrial-style cafe boasting some really nice brews. Like most cafes, two types of handcrafted cold brews can be found here—the Cold Brew ($10) and the Cold Brew Latte ($12). Both coffee beverages are served unsweetened, allowing the premium arabica brew to shine. Peruse their beautiful furnishings while you're here.


Stamping Ground Coffee

At this charming cafe on East Coast Road, choose how you’d like to take your cold brew. Prefer skinny milk instead of regular milk? They’ve got you. Lactose intolerant? Choose soy, oat or even fresh almond milk (made in-house, BTW). And if milk just isn’t your thing, get splashes of coconut water with your brew. Possibilities are aplenty here. 

Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

Now a go-to brand of ours, Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee is the perfect place to grab brews while stocking up on beans and coffee equipment. If you’re not in the River Valley neighbourhood, you can always visit its branch in Vivocity’s Fairprice Xtra to grab the Pollen White Cold Brew Coffee. Those who prefer their coffee black or with oat milk have got options too. 

Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Having introduced their bottled cold brews during Circuit Breaker 2020, Tolido’s Espresso Nook’s got a special black brew named after the lengthy saga. So try the Circuit Waker for a burst of energy or the Great White that will leave you wanting more. Non-coffee drinkers need not feel left out as the cafe’s got Just Peachy too, a refreshing tea alternative boasting notes of peach.