The sweet endings we deserve

Look beyond store-bought ice cream to end your day. Here, we list seven spots in Singapore where you can pick up desserts, from local favourites to souffle cakes, and more.

2am: dessertbar 

It’s nearly impossible to consider spots boasting sweet treats in Singapore without being reminded of local dessert maestro Janice Wong’s very own 2am: dessertbar. So head down to the Holland Village locale to check out gorgeous works of art often inspired by local flavours and snacks. Being surprised with Insta-worthy desserts that taste as good as they look is truly part of the bar’s allure.

The Affogato Lounge

Embrace the caffeine high at The Affogato Lounge, brought to life by the people behind Cluny Court’s The Affogato Bar. Off its ice cream- and coffee-focused menu are gems like the tiramisu affogato with mascarpone, dark espresso ice cream and cocoa powder. Another must-try is the Singapore-inspired Coco Black which pairs pulut hitam with soft kaya bread pudding, coconut ice cream and Empire coffee.

Ah Chew Dessert

Brave the queues for Ah Chew Desserts and be blessed with delicious bowls of traditional Chinese treats. There’s plenty to choose from; our go-to orders include the Fresh Milk Steamed Egg, Black Glutinous Rice and Ginger Soup with Rice Ball.

Ji Xiang Confectionery

Everton Park’s beloved ang ku kueh shop has been making the Chinese pastry by hand daily since 1988. They’ve expanded beyond the traditional peanut and sweet bean paste flavours to add flavours like coconut, yam and corn – at an affordable 90 cents a pop.

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar 

A quaint cafe along Robertson Quay opened by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar is bound to satisfy anyone’s hankering for rich, creamy and sweet dessert creations. Let their chocolate tarts, souffle cakes and ice cream tantalise your taste buds while lifting your spirits; even feel free to grab a box of pralines to go in case you need a little pick-me-up at home.

Old Amoy Chendol

No prizes for guessing what’s on the menu. The chendol sold at this heritage-rich stall follows a three-generation-old recipe, passed down since the ‘50s. Each bowl boasts 100 percent cold-pressed coconut milk, charcoal-processed gula melaka, and freshly-cooked Japanese adzuki beans.

Rochor Original Beancurd

This popular supper spot is a longtime stalwart when it comes to comforting bowls of tau huay (beancurd). Other Chinese pastries like you tiao, red bean buns and egg tarts are available too.