Casual Mexican restaurant Mex Out opens on March 7 serving customizable Chipotle-style meals

Casual Mexican eatery Mex Out is set to open on March 7 serving customizable Chipotle-style meals such as burritos, tacos as well as rice and salad bowls.

The description on the Mex Out Facebook page sounds great:

“Welcome to Mex Out! Mex Out is the new champion of Fresh Mex in Asia, on a flavour-obsessed foodie quest to prove just how delicious and FRESH Mexican cuisine can truly be. We promise, you won’t leave disappointed. Inspired by the fresh, exceptionally tasty, and dare we say, healthy varieties of Mexican food which exist, from Baja California to the Suchiate river, Mex Out will save your taste buds, and transform your appetites forever. Quality produce, secret recipes, and a whole lotta love, care, and sleepless nights, set Mex Out apart from anything you’ve had before. Mex Out is here to shake up your lunch box. So put that sandwich down Singapore and cry ‘hallelujah’!”

They’ve also got a cool happy hour deal. Coronas go for $7 and margarita jugs for $25 from 6-8pm.

For the full details, head to the Mex Out website.