Cocktail bar Klee closes, temporarily

Bespoke cocktail bar Klee shuts its doors temporarily while it looks for a new and bigger location to accommodate a full functioning kitchen. The bar was notably known for spearheading the bespoke cocktail drinking scene here in Singapore with its only cocktails menu focusing on premium spirits and fresh ingredients. 
“Klee was good enough as a cocktail concept. However, we have received numerous feedback from customers that pairing food with cocktails would be a much better experience. Hence, this move is to enhance the cocktail experience at Klee,” says Edward Chia, managing director of Timbre Group which manages Klee as well as Timbre @ The Substation and Ta.Ke.
Chia explains the food and cocktail concept for the new location: “Like how our mixologist at klee create cocktails based on customers taste preferences and the freshest available ingredients, our future chef would adopt the same approach when it comes to food. Our future chef would also take special effort to pair certain food with the cocktails customers order.”
He lets on that the closure although temporary, will be indefinite: “There is no fixed time line, instead it is based on when we find the right type of space and location.” The new location will be announced sometime in 2011.