Another addition to the growing list of culinary delights at the airport

The Changi district has been killing it in terms of new restaurants and retail stores recently, but fans who cannot get enough of the authentic Japanese food enclave from Terminal 2 will be pleased to know that ANA Group’s Sora is making its way to the neighbouring terminal.

News of the replication was unsurprising; judging from the first outlet's success, the announcement of a second store was just a matter of time. Following the concept of Terminal 2’s inaugural outlet, the new establishment models itself after a business class lounge, offering guests a luxurious experience to couple with the spellbinding feast.

On top of classic favourites, the 116-seater at Terminal 1 introduces enticing fares from three renowned restaurants from various prefectures in Japan—Fukuoka’s Yatai-style ramen brand from Ikkousha, the Yoshimi franchise from Sapporo with a knack for Japanese curry rice and Singapore’s maze don concept eatery Megumi Maru that features maguro fish imported from Kanagawa.

If tastes alone do not do much to quell your appetite for Japan, perhaps a pair of return tickets will. With a minimum expenditure of $50 in a single receipt, Sora diners of both outlets will stand a chance at winning a pair of ANA tickets to Japan. Talk about an incentive. 

Japan Gourmet Hall Sora by ANA Group opens Jun 7 at Changi Airport Terminal 1, #03-21, from 10am-11pm daily. More info here.