Bringing Japanese pancakes and more to Terminal 2

If you've been in a food rut on what to eat at our nation's glorious airport, a slice of good news (and sashimi) await: An all-new, all-Japanese food enclave is in the works to open in Changi Airport Terminal 2, as early as this November.

According to a report, the organization masterminding this is Japanese airline operator ANA Holdings. All Nipon Airways Trading, a trading company affiliated with the airline, will work together with Singapore-based Komars Group to operate the food court—a sprawling 700-plus sq. meter space that will seat up to 300. The joint venture will run six eateries under franchise contracts with Japanese restaurants, and take up the largest space for a dining establishment in Changi Airport. Translation: This is going to be huge.

Artist impression of the food enclave. Photo credit: ANA Trading

No news yet on what restaurants will be onboard to bring the eats, but customers can look forward to fresh seafood bowls and okonomiyaki pancakes (Japanese savory pancakes). Customers will be able to order from multiple restaurants and pay for everything at once, a la a regular food court. ANA currently runs another Japanese food enclave at the Sky Garden of Suntec City, Eat At Seven; here's hoping the one in Changi Airport is just as good (and hopefully a little more travel budget-friendly).

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