Néktar opens: New bar offers bespoke cocktails

A collective moan was heard among the cocktail imbibing set here when we announced news of Klee’s temporary closure but fear not, another watering hole dishing out bespoke cocktails has sprouted up off Orchard Road.
Nektar (31 Scotts Rd., 6836-9185) is the latest addition to the the cocktail scene here. Located in a heritage building, the bar offers up bespoke cocktails (prices start from $22) such as Nektar Club, a cachaca based drink using flambéed pineapples and grapes, bitters and orange liqueur, and sweet chocolate martini which uses premium Valrhona chocolate.
Apart from cocktails, you can also sip on premium Scotch and Japanese whiskies. The bar boasts an ice ball molder which allows minimal dilution of your drink in the glass. Néktar is perhaps the first bar here to own such a machine.