Go beyond the usual park and beach spots 

Many cafes and restaurants located around Botanic Gardens and Sentosa often accommodate pets, but they sure aren’t the only ones. Below, we list several local pet-friendly eateries, which deliver a variety of cuisines while leaving you and your furry companion with sufficient space to roam.

The Coastal Settlement

With so much room to spare, it’s no wonder The Coastal Settlement accommodates diners with pets. The popular Eastside brunch spot is known for their tasty Western and locally-inspired mains like the Ribeye Rosti and TCS Nasi Campur, so enjoy them as your furry companion lounge around the spacious outlet.


Boasting comfy sofa chairs and nautical-style decor, Kontiki could be easily mistaken for a beachside hotspot. And just like most beach clubs and bars, Kontiki also allows pets to get comfortable within their property. So take your best friend to this casual diner at Rhu Cross, as both of you will get to soak in some great views of the Singapore Flyer since the spot overlooks the Marina Reservoir too.

Lola’s Cafe

If you’re looking to get your chicken wings fix without leaving your furkid alone at home, head down to Lola’s Cafe. The restaurant is more than happy to make room for your beloved, while you tuck into their Honey Paprika Crispy Wings and other signature items.

Menage Cafe

Opened by animal lovers, Menage Cafe was created to allow owners and their pets to bond over yummy meals. Which is why the eatery offers some delectable food choices for both humans and dogs. So you won’t have to worry about feeding your furkid before heading down; just indulge in a feast for two at the Bishan cafe.

Sun Ray Cafe

You don’t often see a speciality coffee and tea store being pet-friendly, but Sun Ray Cafe is. Just try some of their fresh bakes and sip on perfectly-roasted cuppas while you play with your furry one(s).

Whisk and Paddle

Tucked comfortably away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Whisk and Paddle is generally very accommodating towards pets. So there’s no better place than this cafe to enjoy french toast with bacon and eggs and your furry bestie’s company.

Wildseed Cafe and Bar

Apart from serving delectable mains like the Wagyu & Pork Ragout Linguine which offers homemade wagyu bolognese with slow-cooked Iberico pork collar ragout, the cafe and bar at The Summerhouse also readily accommodates all your furry friends. So dig into sweet, savouries and every in-between, alongside your pet.