Top 10 ways to beat a hangover

It’s the festive season and the top three things on most people’s itineraries are decadent binge eating, excessive drinking and late night parties, whether at home or at a club. But unless you’re Super(wo)man, the morning after effects are going to hit you hard. Here are some tips on post-drinking recovery, whether you need a store-bought solution or are ambling through cupboards for a home remedy.

Ukon Power (Ukon No Chikara)

Available at most 7/11s, this Japanese drink is packaged in bronze-colored bottle, much like energy shots. The curcumin-based drink is high on turmeric, which apparently re-enforces liver function and detoxification. Remember to stock up on a couple of bottles while drinking and before going to bed as it supposedly prevents hangovers, or just chew on a stick of turmeric if all else fails.

Alka Seltzer (or any Antacid)

This water-soluble effervescent tablet does wonders to the body the morning after. While the subtle bubbles cuts out the nausea, the tablet also minimizes inflammation, fever and headaches. Because of its capabilities of neutralizing stomach acid, it’s a great all-rounder for painful morning-afters. 

Coconut Water

Head to your nearest fruit stall auntie for some fresh coconut juice. It’s full of vitamins, sugars and electrolytes, which supposedly replenishes everything you took out of your body while drinking. Plus, who doesn’t love coconut water?


One of the only sure-fire ways to beat that raging hangover is water… and lots of it. Whether you like it artesian, glacial or straight from the tap, keep on chugging H2O to replenish all the moisture that’s been sucked out the night before. Once your brain goes back to its normal, buoyant size, maybe then your head will stop throbbing.

Clear chicken broth

Chefs use it to calm themselves down, so should you. Broth has tons of vitamins, nutrients and is super comforting when you’re not feeling your best. Whether you boil some chicken bones yourself or head to the nearest hawker to get a bowl of chicken soup to settle that rumbling stomach.

Plain rice with sea salt

Contrary to popular belief, greasy food does not settle the hangover pangs. Instead, it makes you more nauseous. Cook up something plain like rice or cous cous and sprinkle with sea salt: it’ll give a flavor boost but not upset an already-fragile body.

“Hair of the dog”

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? When your hangovers are so bad that you need to keep on drinking to stave off the effects. Whether it’s beer, wine or something on the rocks, sometimes it’s better to delay the effects rather than face it the day after. Just don’t blame us if you end up smelling like a distillery.

100 Plus

People use this for alleviating the bloated feeling and the effects of MSG, so why not booze? The bubbles settle the stomach while the sugars help neutralize the body. Plus, this fizzy drink has added electrolytes to stabilize the inner chaos.


We’ve heard multiple people swear by this formula. Dissolve a tablet of effervescent vitamin C, like Berocca, and a pop of Vitamin B pills. It not only settles the stomach but also gives your frail body a much-needed nutrient boost.

Bloody Mary cocktails

It may seem counterintuitive after one too many drinks, but Bloody Mary’s are surprisingly nutritious. From the tomato juice that replenishes essential vitamins and nutrients to the salty kick from the olives, this drink is where it’s at. Sure it has a little bit of vodka, but the alcohol’s just there to ease you back into reality. Get your fix at a place like Manhattan‘s brunch where they have a DIY Bloody Mary cocktail cart.

Photo credit from Pixabay