It’s never been easier to go on this low-carb, high-fat diet

It may be a pretty restrictive diet, but it has also never been easier to go keto in Singapore. Thanks to the following places that provide keto-friendly options, you’ll now be able to live the ultimate ketogenic lifestyle freely, safely and healthily.

Carbs for Keto


Founded by practitioners of the ketogenic diet, it’s no surprise that Carbs for Keto boasts a wide and well-curated selection of delicious carb alternatives. That means mouth-watering snacks including the new Crispy Cauli Barbecue Bites, ever-popular Amaze Balls by Ashgrove Cheese, and even pantry essentials like konjac noodles as well as keto pancake mixes. The options are truly endless here.



Here to bridge the gap between fine dining and ketogenic eats is Gourmei, Singapore’s first online ketogenic fine dining service. As a cloud kitchen, the new concept founded by the same folks behind Ketomei offers a curated, sumptuous menu for keto gourmands. Not only is there the refreshing Octopus Salad, juicy Cote de Boeuf, the virtual restaurant also offers French classics like Duck Leg Confit. Expect an unwavering, luxurious experience all delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Kekito Bakery


Keto folks with a penchant for desserts will definitely appreciate all the tasty treats Kekito Bakery has to offer. Proving that low-sugar, carb-free doesn’t entail flavourless bakes, go ahead and indulge in the local store’s popular Orange Tea Cake, Blueberry Yoghurt Mousse Cake, Japanese Yuzu Cheesecake and more. You can bet the range of diabetic-friendly cakes, cookies, chocolate and ice cream rolled out during the festive season are worth every penny too.



There aren’t many restaurants and cafes in Singapore that cater to the ketogenic diet, which is why Ketomei is a godsend. It delivers premium, keto-compliant meals directly to your doorstep with options like Chicken Rendang, Peruvian Chicken and Salt & Pepper Pork. Their weekly subscription plans are the best solution to receiving keto feasts, fuss-free.

Lean Bento


Like its name suggests, Lean Bento is all about healthy, well-rounded meals that are low in calories. But besides their petite and low-calorie sets, the cafe also earned its stripes by touting low-carb bentos like the Low-Carb Chili Chicken and Low-Carb Sea Salt Salmon. Even those not on any restrictive diets are bound to enjoy this one.

Seriously Keto


A one-stop shop along Seah Street for all things ketogenic, easily browse ready-to-eat bakes, spreads, beverages and even a recipe book to assist locals who have embraced the keto lifestyle. For fresh bakes made with premium almond flour instead of regular flour, choose the Blackout Bun from their KetoBun series, which is a fragrant, charcoal-activated, black sesame bun, that can either be a healthy snack or a meal when paired with other high-fat, low-carb items. Otherwise, try the (Garlic) Love-Me-Knots from their KetoBread range, for a garlic-flavoured, savoury fluffy pretzel bread that contains less than 5g of carbs.

Sofi Cafe Pizza 


Opened by Sofi Sui who also owns the popular Pasta Brava, Sofi Cafe Pizza has a full-fledged keto menu in addition to its main menu. Friends who aren’t self-proclaimed ketonians can indulge in rice bowls, avocado toast and pasta, while you enjoy thin-crust keto pizzas in flavours like Chilli Crab and Pulled Pork, keto lasagna and ravioli. Win-win.