Aburiya has gained a firm reputation for being a good quality but not fancy Japanese DIY grill joint. Each table comes with its own charcoal grill that you cook your own food on. Aburiya draws a mixed crowd with a significant proportion of Japanese diners which is a sign of its authenticity. About half the tables are outside, and unless you want your hair and clothes smelling of grill, we recommend those over the ones inside. It is always busy so call ahead.

The menu comprises a lengthy à la carte selection of various cuts of meat and a selection of vegetables, and concise sets. Beef is a specialty here, and we chose three cuts: Outside skirt, short rib and tenderloin. They came with a green salad with sesame oil and soy sauce dressing, egg soup, fantastically spicy kim chi, rice and an absolutely delicious beef and potato stew cooked in a what tasted like a sukiyaki-based sauce. Everything arrived at once—and this seemed to reflect the pace of the restaurant: Fast and streaming. The tenderloin was melt-in-your-mouth, with the skirt and short rib not faring too badly either. Dipping sauces were provided, but the meat is good enough without.

Come here for good food in completely unpretentious surroundings any day of the week.