Aburiya has gained a firm reputation for being a good quality but not fancy Japanese DIY grill joint. Each table comes with its own charcoal grill that you cook your own food on. Aburiya draws a mixed crowd with a significant proportion of Japanese diners which is a sign of its authenticity. About half the […]

The Marmalade Pantry

Stalwart cafe The Marmalade Pantry is still going as strong as ever, as you’ll find if you ever try to get in without a booking (in other words, forget about it). The vibe is chic with a mixture of expats and locals all there for the consistently wonderful food that’s fresh and delicious every time. […]

The Tent Mongolian Fresh Grill & Bar

The décor at the new Tent is hanging drapes and lamps, wooden furniture, and sensual music in the background. The food is cooked Mongolian grill style with ingredients skewed to local taste—so instead of saddles of mutton, yak’s milk and butter tea we have kway teow, kailan, and squid.These ingredients are laid out in rows […]