AIWO—Food for Life

Let’s face it, the prospect of eating healthy food might save you one gym session, but it doesn’t exactly sound an appealing dining option. Well, AIWO is doing their best to change that perception. At this healthy dining restaurant they make the utmost effort to make healthy food sound vibrant, interesting and gourmet, and they even list the calories per dish so you can be sure about just what you’re consuming. And their food is reasonably tasty and certainly creative, even if there is a little extra oomph lacking to take this from a reasonable dining choice to a great one. Our edamame and tofu salad was a good size as a starter for one person and came lightly dressed with fresh lettuce leaves. The broccoli soup was enjoyable and we also liked our salmon steak. To make the experience even better, we had adept and knowledgeable staff serving us who were able to recommend the house specials. AIWO is certainly a better option than it might initially sound, but those who really enjoy full flavors and rich ingredients might think something’s just missing, unless you’re really counting those calories.