Freedom Writers

You know how you should never judge a book by its cover? The same applies to movies and their trailers. From the previews, Freedom Writers looks like yet another flick about students-turned-“gangstas in da hood” who excel and reach their true potential thanks to an inspiring teacher. Yet, despite seemingly following the same template as […]

Budget Constraint

The results of the Budget 2007 have been met with mixed reactions from many Singaporeans. Some are glad (the elderly and the lower income), some are lukewarm (the middle income) and some are just downright unhappy (whiners with nothing else better to bitch about).Now, we’re not suggesting that the government try the impossible and please […]

Week of March 2, 2007

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): Native to Africa and Australia, baobab trees are oddly beautiful, with thick, bulbous trunks that can grow partially hollow and thus serve as shelters for people and animals. They have an enormous capacity for storing water, allowing them to survive during draughts. Humans carve and paint their fruits, making them into […]

AIWO—Food for Life

Let’s face it, the prospect of eating healthy food might save you one gym session, but it doesn’t exactly sound an appealing dining option. Well, AIWO is doing their best to change that perception. At this healthy dining restaurant they make the utmost effort to make healthy food sound vibrant, interesting and gourmet, and they […]