Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant

Steal away in your comfiest Aladdin drawstring pants and experience a unique Arabian night themed culinary experience at this restaurant.

Alaturka’s rustic charm is accentuated by roughly hewn earthy bricks and vibrant floral motif wall tiles specially imported from Turkey. This 50‑seater restaurant exudes an intimate, familial vibe which makes it an excellent choice for diners who need a cocoon from city living.

The menu is a scrumptious spread of hearty cuisine from Turkey and the Mediterranean region. The refreshing salads and mezzes are perfect starters for our humid climate, and we especially love the mezze tabagi, which comprises six different cold dips, dolma, salad and piping hot lavash bread. Mop the bread with babakanoosh, a dish of roasted eggplant with yoghurt and spices.

As for main courses, the mouth‑watering vegetarian musakka, a Greek‑inspired, aromatic concoction of roasted vegetables, pureed tomato topped with melted cheese is a must‑try. The Karisik kebab, an array of grilled meats served with spiced rice and sautéed vegetables do well to whet the appetites of meat lovers. Wash it down with a pot of authentic, refreshing Turkish mint tea.