One could be forgiven for thinking that molecular gastronomy is a pretentious and gimmicky concept lacking any real substance. And there’s certainly a feeling that Aurum, Singapore’s only fully fledged molecular gastronomy restaurant, is out to shock the senses: You enter through a morgue-like setting, are seated at a surgical table and then expected to eat lots of weird but wonderful combinations. Chef Edward Voon is having fun with traditional dining concepts and if you can get over being seated in a wheelchair, you should too. This enthusiastic chef likes to talk to his customers about their 13-course degustation menu and enjoys seeing wonder and surprise on their faces as he serves up dishes like melon oyster with ginger vinegar air and soba of oil with dashi broth. Yes it’s all a bit OTT but, damn it, it’s entertaining, and definitely an all-round sensory experience. It’s certainly something every keen foodie should try, even just once.