Bar & Billiard Room | Review

There’s something charming about The Bar & Billiard Room with its dark wooden paneling, high decorated ceilings and billiard tables. One feels almost as if you’re stepping back in time as you sit in plush, velvet seats and listen to the lovely crooning of the jazz vocalist and her band.

This is perhaps the restaurant where Raffles captures the old world the best with some of their strongest food offerings. The menu here changes seasonally and they serve up delicious buffet lunches and dinners. Look out for lovely delicacies such as Maine lobster, Fin de Claire oysters, duck or pork rilitte and gravlax salmon.

Service is above par although not outstanding. For instance, on the day we went, we enquired about a dessert to not one, not two, but four different staff members (including a chef), none of whom could tell us what the dessert actually was!

Still, for a nostalgic trip to Singapore’s colonial past or to treat the old folks or for those out-of-towners you are entertaining, this is still one of Raffles Hotels’ better choices. They soon plan to offer a Sunday champagne brunch as well; not particularly original, but at least they’ll be serving Bollinger.