Part of the Garibaldi group of restaurants, Ricciotti serves, like it always has, reliable Italian deli selections and pastries. It’s been around for ages, and when we popped by on a weekday evening, it was still nicely filled out. The homely, unpretentious interior always makes for a good setting, as does the display counter showcasing […]

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

With its prime location and its British tea room theme, one has to expect a bit of cheesiness from Lawry’s ambiance. While the prices are decidedly fine dining, the atmosphere is a little more kitsch with waitresses in aprons and bonnets and gimmicks like the spinning salad. Still, that doesn’t take away from the food, […]

Bar & Billiard Room | Review

There’s something charming about The Bar & Billiard Room with its dark wooden paneling, high decorated ceilings and billiard tables. One feels almost as if you’re stepping back in time as you sit in plush, velvet seats and listen to the lovely crooning of the jazz vocalist and her band. This is perhaps the restaurant […]

On The Rise

A look at our scarily increasing rental woes.

The answer behind expensive housing rentals

We tried to talk to the Housing Development Board (HDB) about why the housing rental market has become so expensive and the reasons why. The answer they gave us was “The rent for subletting of whole HDB flats depends on market conditions and varies for different estates and flat types.” How helpful. So instead, we […]

Akira Yeo swims with sharks

Akira Yeo feeds one of the world’s most feared predators—the shark. Three times a day, as it turns out. But not in the open sea; in the Shark Tank at the Underwater World Singapore. We check his body for wounds of any kind (and find none) as he fills us in on his job.

60 Seconds with DJ Serge Santiago

A mix of electronica and techno infused with dashes of the experimental, DJ and producer Serge Santiago’s beeps, beats and what-have-you got us curious. Ears pricked, we hopped over to the man for a quick chat.