Borgo Italian Restaurant

The latest small restaurant to hit the Sixth Avenue area is Borgo, headed up by Chef Mimmo previously of La Braceria. Borgo is serving what is increasingly becoming a growing trend here—good old fashioned rustic Italian cooking. The restaurant is plain in its appearance with empty walls and high ceilings emphasizing the large window at the back through which one can see the beaming chef at work. All the better to concentrate on the good food and company as the place had a pleasant vibe on the night we were there. And this is good food. A mixture of pizzas, pastas, meats and antipasti, we felt spoilt for choice and really couldn’t get enough of everything we ordered. Our Italian mussels in white wine sauce were delicious and we were delighted that our thin-crusted capriciossa pizza was one of the best we’ve ever tasted. The truly giant lasagna della casa was so wonderfully authentic we polished the whole thing off and we found the parpadelle with wild boar sauce (more like a bolognaise) equally impressive. Apart from the use of wild boar as an ingredient there was nothing novel about Borgo’s food—instead it was superbly traditional and unpretentious. Our only gripe was the overly attentive service which left us feeling a little smothered, but we’d gladly put up with that to return for another culinary feast.