Café Domus

This café offers one of the best value‑for‑money deals, which is great for belt‑tightening times like these. It also scores points, as there aren’t many cafes here which seamlessly blend the chic factor with oodles of warmth. It’s got that can’t‑put‑your‑finger‑on‑it charm—best experienced in person.The café’s insouciant charm is enhanced by the 30‑seater tropical outdoor area which boasts a woody décor, familial setting and dim lighting, filling the place with conviviality. Nestled in what might seem an offbeat location, the café is only a short walk from the Farrer Park MRT station.A feast of feisty nibbles, calorie laden desserts and an intoxicating smorgasbord of tipples dominate the menu. The homemade chocolate pecan pie and the aptly named unlimited I‑scream buffet starring 16 delectable ice‑cream flavors held every Monday, are two very good reasons to patronize this friendly neighborhood joint. We recommend that you have a dollop of vanilla ice‑cream to accompany the chewy chocolate pecan pie. If you like your poison sweet, then Fred, the garrulous co‑owner with 16 years of bartending experience, can satiate your cravings with cocktails like the mushy Yakult Vodka.