Café Domus

This café offers one of the best value‑for‑money deals, which is great for belt‑tightening times like these. It also scores points, as there aren’t many cafes here which seamlessly blend the chic factor with oodles of warmth. It’s got that can’t‑put‑your‑finger‑on‑it charm—best experienced in person.The café’s insouciant charm is enhanced by the 30‑seater tropical outdoor […]

Khulfi Bar

While khulfi (North Indian spiced ice cream) is infamous for causing people to pile on the pounds, the folks at Khulfi Bar have improvised this sinfully decadent dessert, transforming it into a health‑conscious treat. Be spoilt for choice with over 15 different flavors to satiate your lust for ice‑cream. Some of the exotic highlights include […]