Café Le Caire

Since Café le Caire first introduced Singaporeans to smoking a hookah as part of their dining experience, a number of other restaurants have jumped onto the bandwagon. While that trend’s become a little passé, this laid-back Middle Eastern eatery still holds its own. The atmosphere is relaxed—with unobtrusive idle chatter all around and comfortable furniture; the kind of place where you could chill for hours. The staff’s helpful and friendly, but never intrusive, and the décor is simple. We started off the meal right with some babaganoush. The dip tasted lovely, and there was enough to share with at least three people. The mains were generally alright, with nothing in particular standing out beyond the enjoyable mahamaz which consisted of tender and succulent stir-fried lamb served with rice. The mixed sausages and the chicken wrap were tasty enough, though they paled in comparison to the mahamaz, and certainly weren’t as filling. We suggest ending the meal with a cup of fragrant Turkish coffee or a bagalawa shake, a sweet desert that comes recommended by the staff. For a complete meal and a great place to just pass the time away, check this one out.

Cafe le Caire is Halal. Check out our favorite Halal restaurants in Singapore.