Cafeteria il Lido

Mention “il Lido” here and one thinks of a swanky restaurant in Sentosa, or a luxe yacht. Now add “casual dining outlet” to your list of associations, for this cheery, orange-walled mid-range cafeteria counterpart of il Lido and two-month-old brainchild of Beppe di Vito has replaced NYDC in the line of restaurants facing the fountain. We mean it when we say “mid-range”—you can easily grab a meal here for $20 and below. And did we mention the gargantuan portions? So to get true mileage from your meal, bring a few friends, try loads of dishes and shaaaare the loooove. Start your meal with the addictive crispy baby prawns, then go on to the four cheese pizza, which is suitably cheesy and heavy. Salad fiends will have fun digging into the huge chunks of ingredients in both the chicken, figs and pinenuts offering, as well as in the roast artichoke and beetroot salad. Mains like the garlic prawns and baked pasta like the mushroom Bolognese are tasty, but equally filling, so you’ll probably be stuffed faster than you can say “mamma mia!” If you have room left though, robust desserts like red berries pannacotta and tiramisu will round up your budget meal quite nicely.