Chef Osvaldo Forlino has been freed! Formerly the chef at the much-lauded, and very formal, Forlino Restaurant at One Fullerton, Osvaldo is now at liberty to cook the type of food—in exactly the setting—he loves. His new venture is open, airy, casual and, because it is furnished with antiques from his private collection, has a […]

Taste Paradise at Orchard

One look at the latest ambitious project of the Paradise Group helmed by brothers Edlan and Eldwin Chua and you know these guys are clearly set to impress. We made a reservation for dinner one weekend and were chirpily heralded into the rich, red interior…which frankly, was the bomb. The ceiling was adorned with ornate, […]

Cafeteria il Lido

Mention “il Lido” here and one thinks of a swanky restaurant in Sentosa, or a luxe yacht. Now add “casual dining outlet” to your list of associations, for this cheery, orange-walled mid-range cafeteria counterpart of il Lido and two-month-old brainchild of Beppe di Vito has replaced NYDC in the line of restaurants facing the fountain. […]

Tomo Izakaya @ Esplanade

Folks working around Marina Bay must have been delighted when Tomo (its second outlet) opened, because the izakaya (tavern) is fab for unwinding after work. There are about 130 dishes—comprising appetizers (zensai), sashimi, yakimono (grilled fish), sushi, yakitori, agemono (fried dishes), nimono (stewed dishes) and more. The tako wasabi (fresh octopus marinated in wasabi sauce) […]