The Caffe Bar

We liked the open plan appearance of this cafe/bar concept (which claims to be the first cafe with a full bar in Singapore) where patrons have a choice of seats at the bar, tables or on low-seated couches. Despite its location in a shopping center, The Caffe Bar still has a groovy feel to it, maybe because they sought the advice of Bakerzin’s Daniel Tay. Our very friendly and adept server took our orders and we settled down to wait. The Meltique Ribeye steak was delicious. It was juicy and cooked to perfection, if a little on the fatty side (perhaps that was why it was so tender). We also opted for the ham, cheese and egg sandwich on ciabatta, which was exactly as we’d expected as the perfect weekend breakfast food. Lured by the call of the display cabinet of sweets, we ordered the cookies and cream cheesecake, which was creamy and delicious. The homemade caramel ice cream, made on the premises, was gorgeous: It had a unique burnt toffee sweetness that had us craving for more. Throughout our meal our server was efficient, helpful and smiling, and we found the atmosphere relaxed and pleasant. If you happen to be in the area, want a snack after a hard day’s shopping or even a place to discuss business over lunch, this is an option definitely worth checking out.