The New Vintage

From plastic corks to innovative new food pairings, the way we drink wine is changing as old traditions are ditched for more modern approaches.

Ostrich sex

Does anyone know how ostriches have sex? They bury their heads in the sand, wave their butts in the air, and hope nobody notices. That, it seems, is the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) official line in regards to informing and educating our teenagers about sex. The MOE said teens should only engage in sex as […]

The Dubliner Irish Pub

Tucked nicely away in a two-story colonial structure away from the Orchard Road bustle, the Dubliner Irish Pub’s laid-back atmosphere makes it an excellent spot for hearty grub and drinks with friends on weekends. Take a table outside, unless you’d rather join the bunch of footy fans for Saturday night football matches in the main […]

The Turquoise Room

We were eager to find out what Turquoise Bistro’s (from East Coast Parkway) new sister restaurant was like, and we were impressed with its appearance. Very white stark walls with shabby chic furnishings make for a trendy and modern appearance, and what seems like a great place to hang out with a group of mates. […]

The Caffe Bar

We liked the open plan appearance of this cafe/bar concept (which claims to be the first cafe with a full bar in Singapore) where patrons have a choice of seats at the bar, tables or on low-seated couches. Despite its location in a shopping center, The Caffe Bar still has a groovy feel to it, […]

The Puzzler

When Patrick Chan first stumbled on some brainteasers as a student, he never expected his love of words to be the basis of several books, a website and a career in creative thinking. He has created hundreds of word puzzles, which he incorporates into talks and workshops on teambuilding and creativity. He shared some choice words with I-S.

Hybrid Theory

From high fashion to high street; from newbie locals to established internationals, this year’s Singapore Fashion Festival has it all.

Small Wonders

No surprise here: Little seen indie gems are still the main draws at this year’s Singapore International Film Festival.

Singapore Sevens 101

We give you an exhaustive introduction to the upcoming Standard Chartered Singapore Sevens tournament that’s slamming this way.