Chin Wah Heng Seafood

Nestled right at the end of the row of chili crab specialists at East Coast Seafood Centre, Chin Wah Heng might not carry the brand recognition of some of the other more famous restaurants in the area, but it is certainly one of the best. Like all the other eateries around it, its plastic chairs and the quirky, and sometimes erratic, service given by its gaudily dressed aunties and uncles makes for an irreverent and relaxed dining atmosphere. Which is just what you want if you’re going to really get stuck elbow deep into some serious chili crab. We like their black pepper and white pepper crabs, but it’s really the chili crabs (prices seasonal) that steal the show. With lots of egg-filled gravy that’s spicy, a little tomato-y but not too tart, we just can’t get enough. The crabs are always sweet and succulent and never overcooked. Add some fried or steamed man tou, some fresh kai lan and the truly delicious fried cuttlefish fritters and you’re in for a tasty, cholesterol-escalating, waist band-popping treat. They even serve decent wine but we think the crabs go best with a jug of Heineken. Dig in.