Parade of Bad Dreams

Oh, joy. The Chingay Parade is about to hit Orchard Road yet again for another round of oddly designed and eyebrow raising costumes, painfully horrid music, sweaty crowds, and, of course, blindingly gaudy floats—all in the spirit of bringing Singaporeans together! Now, forgive us our cynicism, but we fail to see just how all of […]

Chin Wah Heng Seafood

Nestled right at the end of the row of chili crab specialists at East Coast Seafood Centre, Chin Wah Heng might not carry the brand recognition of some of the other more famous restaurants in the area, but it is certainly one of the best. Like all the other eateries around it, its plastic chairs […]

Brown Sugar

Owned by the Yuan Oeij, Brown Sugar is a quaint dining space that may be a little hard to find for first-timers. Our first thought upon reaching the place was that Brown Sugar could achieve more in terms of its décor to distinguish itself. Right now, fake candle lights and stars hanging down from its ceiling […]

Outplay, Outwit, Outlast

Yep, Chinese New Year is here again. Here’s the I-S survival guide on how to get through it—with all your ang pows intact.