Crossroads Cafe

This prime people-watching spot is primarily an alfresco extension of the indoor Marriot Café, and its menu is a crossroad of cuisines from Thailand, Italy, Malaysia and other regions. It’s known for its great location at the junction of Orchard and Scotts Roads, and diners come here as much for the vibe as for the food. We arrived on a bustling Friday evening and found many expatriates simply chilling out at the café. Large metal fans swirling overhead and sturdy ceramic tables gave the café a relaxed feel. We started our meal with the Asian combination platter. This charming appetizer comprised deep fried spring rolls, chicken satays and samosas served with sweet sauce and achar. The spring rolls were crispy and not too oily, while the chicken satays were tender and succulent. We tried their pan-fried cod fish fillet next. Served fresh and hot with cherry tomatoes, potatoes and black kalamata dressing, this yummy signature dish definitely deserved our thumbs-up. Another dish that topped our list of recommendations was the chargrilled cajun lamb chop. The tender lamb chops were cooked just right and, served with honey mustard dressing, were a delicious treat. However, their desserts did not fare as well. The fruit chocolate spring roll, made up of mango and banana in pastry with a scoop of maple walnut ice cream, was unappetizing and the pastry was dry. Come to this café for its wide assortment of appetizers and main courses, and to be smack in the middle of the Orchard Road scene.

When the weather is good, eating outside can be a truly enjoyable dining experience. These joints with charming open air areas are just the place to dine on breezy evenings.