Crystal Jade Golden Palace

We’ve always liked this restaurant for its consistently good yum cha and Teochew favorites. The interior is dark and elegant with floor lighting, booths for groups of four, and private rooms for larger parties. This is a place where you can dress up for a night out but it’s not so pretentious that one feels uncomfortable just hanging around in weekend clothes. Busy waiters buzz around delivering plates of steaming food and are always friendly and extremely helpful with ordering and cheerfully eager to interact with diners. It tends to get pretty packed on the weekends so we were glad to have booked. Being a Sunday morning we stuck to the Cantonese dishes, although had we felt like Teochew, we would have tried one of their renowned Teochew porridges or cold crabs. The dim sum was all delicious. Among our favorites were the char siew pao, steamed sharkfin with scallop dumplings, har kau and premium pork for siew mai. Even main courses such as the braised vegetables were pretty good. For a casual weekend yum cha experience, with its central location on Orchard Road (perfect for a mid-shop stop) that’s always reliable, this is one that can be counted on time and again.

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