Dallas Restaurant & Bar (Suntec City)

Boat Quay fixture Dallas Restaurant & Bar has opened a second outlet at Suntec City, and the place still offers diners hearty plates and a wide selection of accessible wines and beers.
While its flagship at Boat Quay is a semi-boudoir set up with ubiquitous starched table cloths and scarlet carpets, this CBD branch is a modern and trendy 162-seat space resembling a glass house overlooking the cityscape. The bar is a gleaming island, with back-lit bottles of spirits and a bare-bulb chandelier overhead. The food has none of that chi-chi vibe, however, as the restaurant sticks to honest-to-goodness grub. New items include the snapper fish tacos with pineapple chutney ($22 for three), crispy pork belly tacos ($14 for three), jalapeno croquettes ($15), and the Dallas meat platter ($70 for two/$130 for four), comprising four types of meat: grilled Australian lamb cutlets, pork ribs, rotisserie chicken and prime rib steak. Happy hour runs from 11am-8pm daily, with house pour wines and spirits at $12++ and Stella Artois and San Miguel at $14++ per pint.