Dian Xiao Er

One of the many new restaurants at Marina Square, Dian Xiao Er usually packs in the crowd during lunch hour. The place is smallish and quaint, boasting wooden chairs and tables, reminiscent of tinier eateries along the streets of China.

Specializing in both Chinese and Hong Kong cuisine, the food here is unfussy, but it can also get a tad predictable and bland. One of the surefire bets is the barbecued pork noodle, which comes with generous servings of pork. For starters, we had the double boiled wintermelon soup, which was sweet and cooling, but there was nothing about it that was particularly outstanding.

As with our side dishes: Fried shrimp egg with prawns and the house specialty, the Xiao Er beancurd. Although the selection at Dian Xiao Er is average, its location at the revamped Marina Square proves to be a hit among shoppers on the go.

And if you stick to the restaurant’s specialty, such as the herbal roasted duck, served either with noodle or rice, and braised shark’s fin broth with crabmeat and crispy pork, you might find the food here more appetizing than we did. 

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