Majestic Restaurant

Located at the much talked about New Majestic Hotel, this modern restaurant serves a precious selection of Chinese cuisine alongside the art deco pieces that grace its walls. The various antique chairs (which deck the white-washed lobby) from the private collection of owner Loh Lik Ping indicate that this is no ordinary restaurant (or hotel, […]

Top City

Singapore has featured in yet another survey. This time a human resource consultancy has found ours to be Asia’s top city to live in. We don’t care who else they asked, they did not ask us. We use their criteria—and give you the inside story.Political and social environment: The political environment is as stable as […]

The Key is Consumption

Save the Environment. Go green. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve heard these phrases over and over again—it’s beginning to sound annoying. But with Earth Day on April 22, there’s good reason why we need reminding.