The Dubliner Irish Pub

Tucked nicely away in a two-story colonial structure away from the Orchard Road bustle, the Dubliner Irish Pub’s laid-back atmosphere makes it an excellent spot for hearty grub and drinks with friends on weekends. Take a table outside, unless you’d rather join the bunch of footy fans for Saturday night football matches in the main bar. Go between 5 to 8pm from Tuesdays to Sundays, to enjoy the happy hour deals, which we unfortunately missed.

As predicted, the menu covers the usual array of bar snacks, burgers, sandwiches, meaty mains and of course, fish and chips. Our tasty scrumptious Dubliner Works Burger came so generously stuffed with mixed mushrooms, fried egg, back bacon and a super thick slab of ground beef, we had to dig into it with a firm grip. The spicy buffalo drumsticks were as promised, really spicy, while the crispy salt and pepper squid was well complemented with a refreshing unusual side of watermelon cubes and onion strips—quality pub grub as we’d expected. We just wish the food hadn’t gotten cold midway.

The Dubliner Pub is not so much “stunningly beautiful” as it claims, but comfortably cozy as a place seasoned with age should be. Being one of those old-timer pubs with its stream of regular patrons, it is rather set in its ways, so don’t expect anything beyond passable service. Otherwise, it’s a great chillout place that serves solid Irish food to go with beer and company.