Fifth Season

Whoever thought that having a quiet Saturday brunch alone can be so enjoyable? Here’s the story: We woke up with a splitting headache after a crazy night of clubbing and decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal filled with carbs—lots if it. To wake us up from the dreadful state we’re in, something a little spicy wouldn’t hurt either. And yes, a quiet cozy place would be nice too. So we recalled this place in Little India that a fellow acquaintance had mentioned in passing, a small joint serving fusion Chinese/Indian/Tibetan dishes along Race Course in Little India. After calling said friend to find out the name, we took a cab down. The weather was balmy and humid, but at least the place was air-conditioned and wasn’t just another rundown (read: Dodgy) joint around the area. Located right next to Spice Queen and one of the more interesting and cozy restaurants in Little India; Fifth Season’s menu offers mainly Indian dishes with Chinese and Tibetan influences, and some Western desserts thrown in for good measure. We were famished and went straight for the carbs: The Manchurian fried rice is especially delectable with coriander and green chills thrown in for that extra kick (topped with fragrant in-house Manchurian sauce), and generous servings of seafood (there are also options of pure vegetarian or chicken too). We next decided to go for the side of Gobi Manchurian (cauliflower in ginger garlic sauce) which provided a pungent counterpoint to the rice as it was super spicy and left a pleasantly tangy aftertaste—delish. Dessert was a little bit safer—we went for the banana pancake which while unremarkable, was a sweet closure to a very decent meal. The place is quiet and service is friendly and polite—perfect for those looking for a little urban escape. Rest assured we’ll be back—with a bigger group next time.

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