Most Thai eateries boasting dishes at these price points are mom-and-pop businesses, typically with curt service, the pervasive smell of hot grease and a sticky patina on the menus—in a (euphemistic) word, no-frills. Not this joint. You’ll notice right off the bat that the space looks pretty snazzy, with mismatched chairs, vintage posters and antiques. That could easily seem pretentious, but the cheerful vibe here, aided by helpful, chatty and prompt waitstaff, quickly put us at ease.

With all manner of enticing nibbles on the menu, you’ll find it difficult not to order up a storm. While the pad thai ($8.90) and tom kha curry (8.90) stand out, there are also very serviceable classics like the papaya salad (5.90), green curry ($8.90) and crispy tofu ($4.90), although the bland basil chicken ($8.90) and fusion dish Siam Spaghetti ($8.90) were marginal let-downs. And because we can’t resist sharing a sweet secret, ask for the off-the-menu sun-dried pork ($8.90), which would be perpetually sold out if everyone knew about it.

The non-traditional coconut ice cream ($4.90) makes a great dessert, and their cocktails like fresh floral tipple, The Demure and Delicate Golden Orange Blossom Flower ($16), or the Concubine Siam ($14) and Apothecary ($15)—which are served hot—are soothing nightcaps. They’ve got everything you want for a fun and affordable meal—what’s not to love?;

If you’re craving Thai curries, papaya salad or just stir-fried pad ka prao (basil leaves and minced pork), this list of what is arguably the best Thai restaurants in Singapore got you covered.