The Food Place

The Food Place ups the cool ante on food courts with is its Roman empire‑like, coliseum themed‑décor, but that’s the tip of the, erm, food court.

Alongside perennial fare like chicken rice, hotpots and prata, there’s Tenya—the first‑ever tempura bar in a food court where you can savor scallops, prawns, unagi and salmon encased in air‑light batter, fried to a perfect crisp.

Olive Vine serves up a la minute haute cuisine such as pasta and steaks (try the lip‑smacking creamy pesto!), while the famed Lao Di Fang Curry Scissors Rice from Jalan Besar takes up its new residence here with its ever‑yummy soy sauce pork belly, curry vegetables and fried egg dishes.

Weight‑watchers can grab a DIY salad from the salad bar (yes, the first‑ever in a food court too). Food courts have never been more chic.