Ghaangothree Vegetarian Restaurant

While this smallish India restaurant looks just like any other ordinary eatery in Little India, Ghaangothree stands out for its quality vegetarian food and affordable prices. With its inconspicuous location, this is a great place if you’re looking for a hole-in-the-wall joint that no one’s really heard of. We especially liked the garlic and butter garlic naan ($1.80 and $2.30 respectively), which went really well with chili goby dry ($4.50) and vegetable subji ($4.50). The naans came out piping hot and were suitably crispy. Ditto our phulka bread ($3.20). Our masala dosa ($2.80) was also deliciously thin and crispy, and the mashed potato that went with it was superb. A tad disappointing was our Szechuan noodles ($3.50) (there are some Indian-influenced Chinese vegetarian dishes here)—it was rather plain. We rounded off our meal with a regular chocolate sundae ($5.80), which came with generous servings of chocolate fudge and choc chips. Sure, we’ll back again to try more dishes, but we’ll definitely skip the small Chinese selection.